The Roll Model ® Method - Ball Sequencing and Innovation @ yogami, Quebec [15 avril]

The Roll Model ® Method - Ball Sequencing and Innovation

09:00 - 17:00

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Quebec, Quebec G6W 2T7
The «The Roll Model® » method, Sequences and Innovations is an eight-hour training that focuses on the study of physiological pain and fascia. The training is open to all, both health professionals, yoga / Pilates teachers, personal trainers who want to know and teach a simple and effective practice of therapeutic massage with therapeutic balls than to those who wish to take charge of their own. own health.

You will gain a wealth of tools to help you or your clients:

Eliminate pain and muscle tension
Prevent and heal wounds quickly
Increase mobility and physical strength
Improve posture
Reduce stress

During this training, you will learn:

many massage sequences approved by professional therapists, in often too abused areas such as knees, jaw and hands or completely ignored areas like the diaphragm and the pelvic floor;
the tools to allow you to constantly create new innovative bullet massage sequences for yourself and your customers
the optimal use of the 4 different formats of balls and the Roll Model balloon to allow you to untangle the multiple dysfunctions and pains of body.
to improve your demonstrations in bullet massage classes and how to avoid the pitfalls and challenges often encountered when presenting to beginners or more experienced students;
to construct a powerful scenario for a test / retest and thus allow an immediate positive reaction on the improvement of functions and the reduction of pain;
refine your knowledge of bony landmarks, muscle insertions and major fascia, with the aim of improving your personal knowledge or better guiding your clients and students towards a better awareness of their anatomy and physiology;

**Will be taught in French by Mimi Martel
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